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Team Lead, Peer Health Educator - Summer 2021 & Fall/Winter 2021-22

POSITION TITLE: Team Lead, Peer Health Educator 

UNIT & DEPARTMENT: Health Education & Promotion, Student Counselling, Health & Well-Being 

ELIGIBILITY: Full-time Domestic and Full-time International students. Must be work/study eligible and must complete the online Student Financial Profile.

NUMBER OF POSITIONS: 1 position Keele campus 

RATE OF PAY: 16.00 

EMPLOYMENT TERM: Summer Term 2021 (May 10 to August 31 );  FW 2021-2022 (Sept-April) 

HOURS OF WORK: Summer term = 30 hours per week. Fall/Winter term = 10-15 hours per week 


 As part of your work study experience, you will be asked to participate in Becoming YU – a new program designed to support students in creating meaningful goals and objectives, recognize the value of your experiences, identify the leadership and career competencies you gain through these experiences and confidently articulate your skills and experiences, whether it’s for a future job or further education opportunity.  Throughout your work/study experience you will have the opportunity to meet regularly with your coach to set goals and objectives, report and reflect on your progress and get valuable feedback. 


In addition to the Peer Health Educator responsibilities, the Team Lead will assist the Health Education Training Specialist with developing the peer program through both research, administrative and program development based on assessments and current student data.  The Team Lead will work in tandem with the Health Education Training Specialist to plan and facilitate training sessions, ongoing professional development and providing structural support to Peer Health Educators including the social media content creators.  The Team Lead is someone who aligns with the values of health promotion and health empowerment. The candidate demonstrates this through creating an inclusive and supportive environment for their peers to flourish, recover from setbacks or mistakes and supports their growth. The candidate must demonstrate humility, encouragement, and initiative.  

Summer Duties: 

Planning & Development:  

  • Assess current modules of current health topics for relevancy and educational merit (both online and offline)  
  • Review outreach programming and make recommendations for changes by considering relevant data, student health concerns for a number of topics including : Alcohol and Other Drugs, Mental Health, Nutrition, Sexual Health, Sleep 
  • Research evidence-based content for training and programming, in tandem with external resources (off-campus partners, public health agencies etc.)  
  • Update training materials and educational tools using the framework of harm-reduction, anti-oppression and prioritize health empowerment for peers 
  • Create a 5 day training program for incoming peer health educators with engagement leads. Co-deliver onboarding training, which includes coordinating with on-campus and off-campus partners 
  • Assist the Engagement Leads in determining and supporting specific skill-set development for peer health educators 
  • Work with York Orientation Directors Association to embed wellness into their colleges Social Orientation Week; 
  • Work with the social media and communications team (SCLD) throughout the summer to support and onboard social media peers and their workflow.  

Fall Duties: 

Planning & Coordinating:  

  • Coordinate scheduling and staffing for fellow peer health educators. 
  • Assign health educators to areas of the university that request programming for key partners (Res Life, Colleges, and Faculty) 
  • Creating and updating operating protocols, SOPS for outreach, presentation and workshops, evaluations and documentations for peers to flourish in their roles 
  • Ensure that tracking forms, metrics and other important documents are correctly completed and submitted after every health interaction or workshop 
  • Support the Engagement Leads with managing resources for external locations of services (e.g. wellness hub or community clinic) and ensure resources are accurate, up-to-date and integrated with outreach efforts  

Leadership & Delegation: 

  • Delegate assignments, projects and various tasks to peers based on strengths and areas of growth in consultation with the Engagement Leads 
  • Create synergy and improvements in functioning between community outreach efforts, and giving presentation feedback through ongoing assessment and dialog between teams 
  • Provide recommendations to supervisor on service areas, programming and recommend adjustments in service delivery model through informal and formal assessment 
  • Supports the social media content creators to ensure content integration matches outreach efforts and programming by other peers 
  • Provides community-wide trainings as per request and workshop delivery to help address gaps in student health knowledge.  
  • Trains peer health educators on delivering workshops and presentations 

Feedback & Ongoing Support  

  • Exhibits exceptional administrative skills, flexibility, responsiveness, interpersonal skills, and extremely detail-oriented. 
  • Co-chair weekly meetings with their team through status update on projects being worked on and goals individuals are working towards.
  • Work with supervisor to map out student like cycle, to be responsive to programming changes, assess outreach efforts, and integrate campus policy  
  • Participate in self‐assessment and performance review process with supervisor each term.  
  • Provide feedback to their peers during weekly meetings and analytic updates.  
  • Encourages growth and challenge peers by identify their strengths and finding peers opportunity to showcase their skills  


  • Experience on the Health Education & Promotion Team is required. Only internal candidates will be considered.  
  • Strong organizational skills and time management skills  
  • Excellent communication skills: public speaking and presentation proficiency  
  • Demonstrates an eagerness to learn and take initiatives 
  • Demonstrates an eagerness to support the learning and development of peers 
  • Ability to work on a team and individually  
  • Skills in event planning, management, some knowledge of marketing and promotions 
  • Knowledge of health issues facing students  
  • Knowledge of York’s services and resources for students  
  • Current undergraduate York student, affiliated and involved in campus or college life 

WHAT STUDENTS WILL GAIN FROM THIS POSITION: [Identify and describe the skills that students will learn and develop at this position as they relate to the six core competencies of the Becoming YU program:  

  1. Social Responsibility and Community Engagement: 
  1. Critical Thinking & Problem Solving  
  1. Interpersonal Connections: Collaborating with other 
  1. Communication: Sharing and exchanging ideas effectively 

MANDATORY TRAINING DATES: Onboarding begins May 10 2021 . Team Lead & Engagement will be co-leading mandatory training week of August 23-27 2021.  Training takes place typically 9am-4:30pm (30 hours). Full availability required.   


  1. Resume and Cover letter.  
  1. Assignment: Training Development Plan  

Details of Assignment:  This position requires in providing a training and onboarding of new peers. Please provide a comprehensive schedule and learning objectives attached to it. The challenge will be to create the first three days of a training plan.  

  • 1-page outline or calendar naming all the activities and events that will take place during this time 
  • A 1-2 page explanation sheet that describes the activities proposed. Format suggested: Date/Time, Name of Activity, Learning Outcome(s), Delivered By 
  • Prepare a budget of materials/costs if necessary 
  • Create a contingency plan that has both in-person or online delivery model 

Consider the following aspects in your planning 

  • How do your activities consider team performance? Review forming–storming–norming–performing (based on Tuckman’s Stages of Group Development).  What are the challenges in doing so online vs in-person? How would you adapt to those challenges? 
  • How might you develop/deliver/assess important health topics such as (nutrition, cannabis, alcohol use etc.) in an engaging and inclusive way? 
  • How might you distribute the training modules or activities given the limited time? What campus partners might be essential for this training to connect with? 
  • What other measures or methods would you engage in to develop skills, beyond the three days?  

APPLICATION CLOSING DATE:   Friday, March 26 at 9:00 am ET. Applications submitted after this date will not be considered for review. 


  • Only those applicants considered for an interview will be contacted. 
  • All applicants must submit their application using a or if unpermitted, a e-mail domain.