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Event Resources

Planning an event? You've come to the right place!

Planning an event can be a tedious process with many moving parts. To support your student organization, we've assembled a selection of planning templates, tips, policies, procedures, tools, and resources that will help guide you through the successful planning and execution of your next event.

Event Planning Flow Chart

Check out the event planning flow chart to ensure your student organization is on track! In it, you will find interactive tools to walk you through your entire planning process to ensure your event is a success!

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Policies and Procedures

As a registered student organization you have the opportunity to enrich student life with various events, programming and initiatives.

Take a moment to check that you are following the various policies and guidelines in place to ensure your event occurs without issue.  

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Checklists, Toolkits and Resources

In order to alleviate some of the event planning complications and get you on your way to creating a successful event we have sourced several helpful checklists and toolkits.

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The rainbow reflecting pool outside Scott Library on Keele Campus

The Guide to Freedom of Expression for Student Organization Events

The aim of this guide is to assist student organization's event planners at York University to understand freedom of speech and expression at York University: what it is, what its limits are, and considerations for promising practices for a safe and accessible event experience.

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Ensure you're a part of a recognized student organization at York University

  • If you are not part of a recognized student organization, please connect with one to host your event or you can create your own club! Check out YU CONNECT to see SCLD ratified student organizations.
  • If you'd like to please check out this website to create a new club (please note registration opens in May and closes the end of September)
  • You can refer to Presidential Regulation 4  (in effect through December 31, 2022) or the Regulation Regarding Student Organizations (in effect January 1, 2023) if you are interested in reading about the Student Organization Policy at York U
  • Use our Event Index Guide to help you think through some of the more complex details of your event!
  • For tabling in Vari Hall and Vari Link please visit YU CONNECT to apply (currently unavailable)
  • For hosting a bake sale or a potluck please reference York U Food Services Website

Once you have a details for what your event will look like submit

  • A TUUS application - please review their process here
  • To submit an application please visit YU CONNECT
  • Book your space - if you are booking non academic space (refer to the space descriptions website)
  • If you are booking non-academic space and require the room to be set up differently than what it looks like you'll need to ensure to submit a "Service Request", connect with SC&LD to inquire about this process.
  • If you are wishing to book space in either of the Student Centre buildings, please visit for more details
  • Waiting for your event to be approved can take some time as multiple offices and departments can be involved in reviewing your application if your event is more complex.
  • Ensure you review policies and procedures in addition to submitting any other documents that are necessary.
  • You may also want to look into pre or post event funding
  • Think about how you want to promote your event to ensure you have attendees. Visit the marketing page on SCLD give you some ideas on how you can collaborate with others on campus to help you promote your event
  • Prepare yourself and your team by printing out or sharing documents, hosting a dress rehearsal etc. Review some of the helpful templates on our checklists and toolkits website and feel free to download whatever templates to keep your and your team organized

All your hard work has paid off!

On the day of your event ensure all members involved in helping ensure the day runs is equipped with the documents they need. Of course, last but not least, try to also enjoy yourself!!

Immediately after your event ensure you clean up as best as you can as a group, ensure to send out your thank you's to your guests, speakers and team that helped out and consider assessing the events success.

If you are unsure how to do assessment please check-out the Event Index Guide for more details.

There are a few policies that will relate to you as a student organization in general, we've listed the most important ones below.

When using academic space such as classrooms, lecture halls and outdoor space, this space is managed by the Temporary Use of University Space office (TUUS). Below are the various policies, procedures and guidelines of TUUS.

If you are planning on having food trucks, music or alcohol at your event please ensure to review the following policies.

You will be able to put up posters for your events but be sure to read through the guidelines of what you're allowed to do.

If you're inviting a guest or speaker to your event that may be considered high profile please view the following policy.

SC&LD has created an event planning guide to help plan your event. Download the full guide or pick and choose the templates that you need.

Download Full Event Index and Planning Guide

For additional resources check out the University Events and Ceremonies Resources below

You may need funds to help pay for some of the activities for your event, consider reviewing our Funding Overview page to see where you can apply for funding and use the Budget Template to help track your expenses.

You'll also want to consider how you want to promote your event. Be sure to look through the marketing overview page and also consider these other methods of promotion

  • SCLD Newsletter/Instagram
  • Your own Instagram/social media
  • This week at York Newsletter
  • EventBrite
  • Classroom announcements
  • In person tabling

Review the following websites for tips on making your event accessible and inclusive.

To help your planning, you can use the Accessibility and Inclusion Planning Template

If you are interested in planning a protest, use these resources to help plan.

Hosting a virtual event? Check out the Virtual Event Guideline!

We've also compiled some external resources for you to check out!

  • Inside Higher Ed article - "Principles of Practices? The model for hosting outside speakers is fundamentally flawed, argues Sarah Stroup, who offers ways to move beyond it." 
  • Wild Apricot article - "The First Steps in Your Event Checklist: 4-6 Months Ahead of Event" 
  • Billetto article - "10 Actionable Tips For Hosting Your Event" 
  • Cvent article - "The Compete Guide to Virtual Events in 2021" 
  • Cvent article - "The Ultimate Guide to Event Management Best Practices" 
  • Cvent article - "Do You Know the 5 Best Ways to Increase Event Attendance?" 

York has many student organizations and events. It can be beneficial to get to know other organizations that may hold similar events as your group as you can collaborate and combine your resources. Use the following websites to look for other campus events that are taking place