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Personality Dimensions

Personality Dimensions

Personality Dimensions: Personality Assessment Tool

The Personality Dimensions® system utilizes a convenient card sort and short questionnaire to reveal your temperament preference. In addition to being the first Temperament assessment to incorporate the Introversion/Extraversion dichotomy, Personality Dimensions® also uses four colours along with short descriptors and symbols to represent the Temperament preferences: Inquiring Green, Organized Gold, Authentic Blue, Resourceful Orange. These combined aspects create a common language of understanding of yourself and others.

Personality Dimensions is about understanding yourself and others so you can be more effective in your relationships, your work and all other areas in your life.  It is the latest evolution in presenting PersonalityTemperament Theory.  It builds on research conducted in Canada for over two decades, and the foundations established by the work of Carl Jung, David Keirsey, Linda Berens, as well as history of Temperament that spans 25 centuries. It translates complex personality theory into everyday language to provide a framework for understanding similarities and differences. Participants will find the experience of discovering their natural inclinations to be both very invigorating, and self-affirming.

*Please note there is a minimal cost associated with this training as participant packs must be ordered from a parent training company. Please contact us for more information.

**These trainings are available for any positional student leader hired through work/study, LEAP, CLAY and/or volunteer position WITH a program supervisor. Trainings must be requested and registered through program supervisor.