Campaign Counting and Crediting

Campaign Counting and Crediting

Legislative History:

Approved by UEC: 1995/06/19; Approved by BPC: 1995/06/21; Date Effective: 1995/06/21; Amended by the Board of Governors:  2007/03/05.

Approval Authority: President

Signature: Susan Mann

Description: Deals with handling of monies regarding campaign

Campaign Counting and Crediting


1.1 Exceptions to these guidelines will be specifically identified and credited on a case by case basis by the campaign Director.

Campaign Period:

2.1 For the purposes of crediting gifts and pledges to the campaign the campaign period will be deemed to begin on January 1, 1995 and end December 31, 1999.


Research monies:

3.1 Donations received as academic sponsorships, Research Institute or Centre fees or contract research will not be credited to the Campaign.

Personal Property or Gifts-in-kind:

3.2 Gifts of personal property or real property will be credited toward Campaign totals on the basis of the appraised amount of the gift or evidenced by the amount of the receipt given, whichever is the greater.

Life Insurance:

3.3 All proceeds of life insurance received during the Campaign period will be credited for full value.

3.4 Annual premium payments for term insurance of which the University is the owner and the beneficiary, will be credited to the Campaign.

Testamentary Bequests:

3.5 All testamentary bequests which vest during the Campaign period will be credited toward the campaign. Expectancies solicited during the campaign, but not vested, will not be counted.


3.6 Pledges will be credited to the campaign provided that the donor has properly executed a pledge agreement which sets out the following information (at minimum):

  1. date of pledge
  2. amount of pledge
  3. specific purpose of gift (if any)
  4. payment schedule
  5. authorized signature

Interest income:

3.7 Interest income generated on funds held in campaign accounts during the Campaign period will be credited towards campaign totals.

Sector Attribution Guidelines:

4.1 For the purpose of setting and evaluating campaign sector goals and to assist in the solicitation, certain gifts or pledges will be attributed to certain campaign sectors in accordance with the following general guidelines:

  1. In general, the gift will count towards the sector in which the donor was originally identified as a prospect.
  2. In special circumstances, gifts may be moved from one sector to another or split between categories in order to meet sector goals or for other appropriate reasons.
  3. A decision to move the attribution of a gift from one sector to another shall be made by the President on the recommendation of the President, York University Foundation.