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Course Relief Policy

Course Relief Policy

Legislative History:

Approved by Senate: 2016/02/28 (Effective Fall/Winter 2016-2017)

Approval Authority: Senate

Signature: Maureen Armstrong


In order to support student success, eligible undergraduate students who transfer program majors or degree programs may opt to exclude courses completed toward the prior major requirements from their Overall Cumulative GPA (OCGPA) and credit accumulation for their new program of study.


The Course Relief Policy applies as follows:

  1. The policy is only applicable to:
    1. continuing students who have completed fewer than 84 earned credits, who meet the eligibility requirements for the new program; or
    2. students returning from a Required Withdrawal or Debarment who meet the eligibility requirements for the new program and whose request for a program change has been approved by the new program.
  2. Course Relief is available to a student once. Petitions for subsequent applications are not permitted.
  3. Courses eligible to exclude from the OCGPA are all subject courses taken previously that will not count as major credits in the new degree program. Students are permitted to select former Major courses to be counted as elective credits toward the new degree program.
  4. A record of all completed courses and grades awarded remain on a student’s transcript; courses that are excluded from a student’s OCGPA under this relief policy are denoted as such on the transcript.

The Course Relief Policy does not apply to the following:

  • General Education and elective courses completed in the first Major program
  • Second or subsequent program changes
  • Course(s) in which a penalty for a breach of academic honesty has been imposed
  • Students pursuing second or subsequent degrees

Students must confirm their eligibility for the Course Relief Policy. It is the responsibility of students to be informed of the degree requirements for their new program.

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