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Credit/No Credit Regulation

Credit/No Credit Regulation

Topic: Academic Standards, Grades, Conduct of Examinations
Approval Authority: Senate

Courses which are offered on an ungraded basis only, and where the failing grade is to count as zero in the grade point average, are designated as Credit/No Credit courses.

Comment from CCAS in June 1998: This regulation is intended to clarify the distinction between two very different course grading systems.  Since Pass/Fail are grades awarded when a student elects to take a graded course on an ungraded basis, Credit-No Credit will be used when an entire course is being offered on an ungraded basis.  This will also distinguish the alternative Grading Option of Pass/Fail, which is not included in the calculation of a student’s grade point average, from Credit/No Credit, which, like an earned F grade, would count as zero in a student’s grade point average.

Legislative History: Approved by Senate 25 June 1998