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Criteria For The Approval of Course Rubrics

Criteria For The Approval of Course Rubrics

Legislative History:

Reviewed: June 28, 2001; updated: September 2009

Approval Authority: Senate

Signature: Harriet Lewis

To ensure that York University courses are identified and, to an extent, classified by course rubrics which minimize confusion or possible error concerning the major, discipline or field of study of any given course, the following criteria will be applied for approving the introduction of a new course rubric or adopting the use of a course rubric currently being used for courses offered by another unit.

  • Course rubrics are reserved for approved curricular degree majors and are not for individual courses or groupings of courses. In a limited number of cases, discrete course rubrics have been developed for specialized programs which offer degree credit courses which are not a degree program or major (e.g. GER, GK and WRIT).
  • The approval of a course rubric for a new degree program will be part of the approval process for new program.
  • The change of a course rubric will be subject to the same curriculum approval procedures as for a new course rubric (Approved by the appropriate departmental and faculty committees, Faculty Council, and by ASCP).
  • All proposals for either new course rubrics or new applications for an existing course rubric must be accompanied by a rationale describing the need and benefits of using the proposed course rubric. In particular, the rationale should describe how the proposed course rubric would serve to assist students or external readers of York transcripts to identify the discipline or area of study of the courses. If the proposed course rubric is in common use at other universities or colleges, this should be noted in the rationale. Proposals must include a report on consultation with all cognate units that offer courses within the same discipline or are currently using the course rubric for which a new use is being proposed.
  • In considering the appropriateness of a proposed course rubric, especially when being used to denote a sub-field within an established discipline, ASCP will bear in mind whether introducing this course rubric will result in unwarranted or extensive cross listings.
  • Separate course rubrics will not be approved for certificate program courses.
  • ASCP will consult with the Registrar’s Office to ensure that any proposed new course rubric or new use of an existing course rubric can be operationalized. In reviewing any requested change to existing rubrics, the rationale describing the need for the change and the anticipated benefits that would result will be considered in light of the resources necessary to operationalize the change.