Firearms and Weapons (Policy)

Firearms and Weapons (Policy)

Topic: University Grounds and Physical Facilities
Approval Authority: Board of Governors

Description: Has associated procedure


No one shall be permitted to have or use firearms, weapons, ammunition or explosive substances on lands or in premises which are leased, owned, operated or otherwise controlled by York University, unless specifically granted such permission by the University.

Explosive substances stored in accordance with University requirements and used in the ordinary course in University supervised laboratories for the purposes of conducting research and teaching shall not be included in the ambit of this policy while being used for the purposes intended.

Peace officers and members of the Canadian Armed forces attending on University premises in the course of their duty, shall not be required to obtain permission to carry duty weapons.

Anyone found to have contravened the restrictions set out herein, shall be disciplined and/or prosecuted and all offending firearms, weapons, ammunition or exploding substances may be confiscated.


The terms Firearms, Weapons, Ammunition and Explosive Substances shall have the meanings given to them under the Criminal Code of Canada from time to time.

Legislative History: Developed and Approved by BPC: 1995/01/10; Approved by UEC: 1995/03/06; Approved by the Board of Governors: 1995/05/15; Date Effective: 1995/03/06