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Pets on Campus

Pets on Campus

Legislative History:

Approved by President: 1995/07/01; Date Effective: 1995/07/0; Amended by the Board of Governors:  2007/03/05.

Approval Authority: President

Signature: Susan Mann

Description: Originated in memorandum from Vice-President (Finance and Administration) on June 1, 1994

Code of Conduct

Pets on Campus

Not all members of our community feel comfortable in the presence of animals and in addition, the health of some members of the community is compromised by the presence at large of certain animals.

Animals required to assist in compensating for a handicap, such as blindness or deafness are present and welcome on campus but these are working animals, not pets.

The University does not encourage nor does it prohibit the presence of pets on campus. The University has to date relied on pet owners to be respectful of the pet and of other community members, and to take full responsibility for their pet. However, due to a number of incidents concerning pets on campus, it is necessary to set out in writing a general statement of the standard of behaviour expected of persons who bring pets to campus.

Code of Conduct - Pets on Campus

  1. Persons should not bring pet animals on campus during work hours and should not bring them to campus at other times without carefully considering the reasons, (if any), for bringing them to campus, the needs of their animals and the sensitivities of other members of the community.
  2. Persons bringing pets to campus are required to observe North York bylaw requirements to maintain physical control over the animal by not allowing the animal to be at large.
  3. Persons bringing a pet to campus should remain with their animal at all times.
  4. Persons having the care or control of a pet on campus should clean up after their animal by "scooping" or covering as is appropriate. Accidents in buildings should be reported to caretaking for immediate clean-up.
  5. Animals should not be permitted to impede normal movements of any person on campus nor be permitted to interfere with the ability of any student, employee or other person to work or study on campus.
  6. No sick or non-immunized pet should be brought on to the campus.

Consequences and Complaints

  1. Persons bringing pets on campus will be held responsible for any costs or consequences of damage caused by their pet and may be subject to discipline as is warranted and appropriate in the circumstances.
  2. If a person with a pet on campus does not observe appropriate behaviour, it is suggested that he or she be asked to correct the problem. If the problem is not corrected, persons having a complaint should feel free to advise either a supervisor or the Department of Occupational Health and Safety of the problem and the name of the person concerned.