Physical Accessibility of University Facilities (Procedure)

Physical Accessibility of University Facilities (Procedure)

Topic: Employees, Employment and Workplace, University Grounds and Physical Facilities
Approval Authority: President

Description: Has associated policy.


  1. Persons with disabilities who are experiencing difficulties accessing facilities may bring their concerns (in the case of students) to the Office for Persons with Disabilities or (in the case of employees) to the Department of Occupational Health and Safety.

  2. If the difficulty is such that accommodation of an individual is required, the matter will be referred to and arrangements or referrals made by the aforenoted offices.

  3. If the difficulty is such that the access to a facility for a group of individuals is impaired and substantial renovation or alteration of the University's facilities is required, it will be referred to the Department of Campus Services and Business Operations and addressed in accordance with the priorities for renovation of the University's facilities set by the Access York SubCommittee on Physical Access.

Legislative History: Approved by UEC: 1994/05/26; Date Effective: 1994/05/26