Prohibiting On-Campus Essay-Writing Services

Prohibiting On-Campus Essay-Writing Services

Topic: Academic Honesty and Student Appeals
Approval Authority: President


  1. York University regards as reprehensible so-called "essay services" which seek to provide students, almost always in return for some fee, with some course work done by others.
  2. Accordingly, the University will not tolerate the use of its premises, facilities or activities by agents, representatives and users of such services. It is the policy of the University vigorously to employ all lawful means at its disposal to prevent such activity from occurring on campus and to prosecute individuals, groups, organizations and companies which engage in it.
  3. Access to all University premises, facilities, activities and services is therefore denied to providers of such commercial essay services, including the promotion and advertising of such services.
  4. Should agents and representatives of such commercial services be observed on the campuses of the University engaging in any manner in the activity in question (e.g., pick-up and delivery, distribution of posters and flyers, etc.), the University shall undertake action under the Trespass to Property Act and, where members of the University community itself are involved, shall take such disciplinary action as is appropriate in view of the status of the individual(s) involved.
  5. Students who employ such services for their academic coursework are subject to sanctions in accordance with the policies and procedures on academic dishonesty of the Senate, the Faculties and other academic units.

Procedures and Guidelines

  1. All University officers responsible for buildings and physical areas of the University (Deans, Master, Directors, etc.) are encouraged and authorized promptly to have removed from bulletin boards, walls, counters, parked cars and other locations any written advertisements for commercial essay-writing services.
  2. The Assistant Vice-Presidents (Campus Services and Business Operations, and Student Community Development),  are assigned responsibility for the coordination and implementation of regular procedures to monitor and remove from bulletin boards, walls, counters, parked cars, and other locations any advertisements for commercial essay-writing services.
  3. Notices of such occurrences, with a copy of the offending material, shall be sent to the General Counsel who shall undertake follow-up as appropriate, including investigation and the consideration of internal and external charges. Dates and locations of occurrences should be noted.

NOTE: In certain cases it may be unclear whether the service in question is one that offers to students legitimate academic counselling as opposed to academic work that the student is expected to do on his or her own. Where such questions arise about advertising or other on-campus activity, the matter can be referred to the General Counsel who shall undertake a determination with the Vice-President (Academic) and Deans.

Members of the University Community wishing to obtain further information on these matters may contact the Office of the General Counsel, 1050 Kaneff  Tower, 416-736-5310

Legislative History: Approved by PPC: 1987/11/10; Date Effective: 1987/11/10; Amended by the Board of Governors: 2007/03/05