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Registration (Policy, Guidelines and Procedures)

Registration (Policy, Guidelines and Procedures)

Approval Authority: Senate

The status of being "registered" in an academic session as a student at York University shall be achieved by meeting criteria determined by the University Registrar from time to time, and shall require that a student:

  1. satisfy the academic requirements for enrolment in a chosen programme,
  2. be enrolled in an academic programme for credit, and
  3. has paid fees or exhibited such other intention to pursue a course of studies as may be determined to be sufficient from time to time.

Interpretation Guidelines

  1. The decision of whether and when a student is registered shall be made by the Registrar and governed by the Policy on Registration.
  2. In cases where any question arises the policy shall, without limiting the general discretion of the Registrar, be interpreted in accordance with the following guidelines:

(1) If, after the student's registration, a question arises as to whether a student has the qualifications to be enrolled, the student shall be deemed to be registered until a decision is recorded that the student shall be de-registered.

(2) If, in the opinion of the Registrar, a student's enrolment was not properly recorded but was otherwise appropriate, the student shall be deemed to have been enrolled.

(3) In the absence of appropriate payment of fees, the Registrar may, among other things, consider the following as evidence of a student's intention to pursue a course of studies at York:

      1. other significant payments to York made within the current academic session;
      2. significant participation in the academic program in which the student is enrolled.


In each case where the Registrar exercises discretion as contemplated in Section 2 hereof, a note of the decision and the basis therefore shall be made in the student's file.