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Sources of Research Funds, Policy on

Sources of Research Funds, Policy on

Legislative History:

Approved by Senate Committee on Research; Approved by Senate: 1972/04/27; Date Effective: 1972/04/27

Approval Authority: Senate

Signature: Malcolm Ransom


  1. That research is an integral function of a university community, and that it is the responsibility of a university to maintain a favourable environment for research by its members, and to ensure that all research is consistent with the goals of the university.
  2. That freedom of researchers to publish any of the results of their research should be the major ethical criterion upon which decisions of acceptability of University or individual faculty research projects are based.
  3. That a distinction should be made in research funding between institutional grants (those made to Organized Research Units, Faculties or the University) and those funds which are supplied to support individual faculty members' research.
  4. That the Senate Committee on Research shall receive notice of all institutional grants, and have the power to review them and make recommendations to Senate as to their acceptability. The Senate Committee shall take appropriate expert advice if necessary.
  5. That the acceptability of grants to individuals is normally a matter for the conscience of the individual researcher. Where serious doubts are raised by a researcher's department or any Faculty about a particular research project's consistency with the goals of the University, the project shall be referred to the Senate Committee on Research for a recommendation to Senate on its acceptability.
  6. That decisions as to acceptability of fund sources and research projects should be based upon the merits and acceptability of the projects at the time when they are considered. The Senate Committee on Research will report annually on the patterns and trends of all types of research funds, and review their implications for the University.
  7. All information about sources of research funds for particular projects and conditions of award of grants shall be in the public domain.