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Temporary Use of University Space (Policy)

Temporary Use of University Space (Policy)

Legislative History:

Approved by PPC: 1993/05/11; Approved by University Executive: 1993/05/17; Date Effective 1993/05/17; Updated 2004/08/04; 2006/02/20; Edited:  2008/08/06;To be reviewed periodically and updated at least every five years. 

Approval Authority: President

Signature: Lorna Marsden

Description: Includes general principles relating to safety and security, damages, compliance, procedures and confirmations; Has associated procedure.


  1. Members of the York University community are encouraged and allowed to hold events and to engage in the full expression of their opinions on the University’s premises, subject only to the principles and procedures outlined herein.

General Principles

  1. The lands and buildings of York University are private property and the University reserves the right to control access to its campuses, and the use of its space and facilities.
  1. Persons who are not students, faculty, staff or members of a governing body of York University are considered guests of the University.
  1. Members of the University and others may use University space provided that it is reserved in advance for organized purposes and that it is used in compliance with all University policies and regulations and municipal by-laws. For example, and without limiting the generality of the foregoing, users must comply with the University’s food and alcohol policies, parking regulations, smoking restrictions, fire and safety requirements, etc. Federal and Provincial statutes and municipal by-laws relating to private property and the rights of individuals will apply without condition.
  1. The University upholds the principles of freedom of speech and freedom from intimidation and harassment. All persons having access to and use of University space shall observe these principles, and the laws of Canada.

Safety and Security

  1. Those requesting the use of space are responsible for making necessary arrangements with York University Security, Parking and Transportation Services for any special security services.  Costs associated with such security arrangements will be charged to the user of the facilities.


  1. The University requires that insurance coverage, sufficient for the temporary use of its space, has been arranged and is in force in order to protect the interests of the University as well as its members and guests.


  1. Users of University space will be held financially responsible for any damages attributable to their use of University furnishings, equipment, building or facilities.


  1. If the policies and procedures set forth herein are not followed, the University reserves the right to withdraw or deny access to the use of its facilities, and to take action on any outstanding fees or damages and to pursue such other remedies as are available at law.

Procedures and Confirmations

  1. University space shall be reserved, confirmed and used in accordance with the procedures, regulations and guidelines that shall be established pursuant to this Policy from time to time.

Note: The “Temporary Use of University Space Policy and Procedures” and related application forms are available on line on the Temporary Use of University Space web site.

Related application forms are also available from:

Keele Campus

Centre for Student Community & Leadership Development
S172 Ross Building
Phone: 416-736-5144
Fax: 416-736-5461

Office of Temporary Use of University Space
N125 Ross Building
Phone: 416-736-5513

Glendon Campus

Office of Student Services
C112 York Hall
Phone: 416-487-6716

Hospitality Glendon
The Greenhouse
Phone: 416-487-6798
Fax: 416-487-6838