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Weather Emergencies (Policy)

Weather Emergencies (Policy)

Topic: Class and Examination Scheduling, Academic Activities Disruption, Emergencies
Approval Authority: President

Description: Has associated procedure.

Policy on Weather Emergencies

  1. In the interest of the safety of the University community and  its visitors, the University may in response to a weather emergency, suspend normal operations or programmes at its Keele campus, Glendon campus, Miles S. Nadal Management Centre and/or Osgoode Professional Development Program Centre. A decision to adopt emergency procedures shall be taken when it is determined that weather conditions:
    • may prevent safe travel to and from the University; or,
    • may have a substantial adverse effect on normal University operations.
  1. The Vice-President, Finance and Administration shall make the decision to adopt weather emergency procedures, or to suspend normal operating procedures. If classes and/or examinations at one or both campuses must be cancelled, the decision will be made by or with the Chair of Senate or delegate.
  2. When weather emergency procedures are in force, the University shall remain open and when and where possible, essential services shall be provided.
  3. A weather watch will be maintained throughout the period in which weather emergency procedures remain in force. Conditions will be monitored until a decision is made to return to normal operations.
  4. Unless a decision is made to continue the weather emergency, the University will return to normal operating procedures at 11:00 p.m. on the day of a weather emergency (for evening or night shift employees) and 8:00 a.m. the following morning for all other purposes.
  5. The Vice-President, Finance and Administration shall develop such Weather Emergency Procedures as are desirable to give effect to this policy.
Legislative History: Approved by UEC: 1994/09/12; Approved by BPC: 1994/09/27; Date Effective: 1994/09/27; Updated 2011/06/15.