Worker Certification

Worker Certification

Topic: Employees, Employment and Workplace
Approval Authority: President

Description: Delineates the responsibility for obtaining and maintaining certifications required by workers in the performance of their job duties to ensure their own safety and the safety of others. University Procedure No. 008


This procedure is to ensure that:

  1. all certifications that are required to be held by employees to operate equipment or to perform first aid or other actions in some or responsible manner are obtained by the employees; and
  2. employees maintain the status of “currently certified” in accordance with legislated and institutional requirements.


The employer may require job applicants to have current certifications as a qualification for a posted position and to provide the certificate(s) or a true copy thereof.

York University is responsible for employees having or obtaining applicable certifications and ensuring that they maintain their certified status on an ongoing basis.


Supervisors shall, on an ongoing basis:

  1. identify skills training and certification requirements or upgrading of the workers for which he/she is responsible;
  2. ensure that the required number of certified employees is maintained to support the function of the work group or unit; and
  3. maintain records of all employee certifications for his/her work group or unit.

As required, Supervisors shall contact the appropriate office, agency or party designated by University management to coordinate the required training/certification and assist in scheduling the employee(s) for training.


Workers shall, when their job so requires, take certification training and upgrading.

Legislative History: Created/Authority to Amend:  Vice-President Finance and Administration.  Approved by UEC: 2002/12/09; Date Effective: January, 2003