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SPoT and j_spot are, respectively, the personal web presence and the electronic journal founded and published by M. Michael Schiff and Caitlin Fisher, at the time both students in the Graduate Programme in Social & Political Thought at York University. (Caitlin has a new title.)

These pages are intended to provide a voice and community as well as information. They usually include, if you follow the hypertext links, access to programme information including the programme handbook and the official Faculty and programme regulations governing the programme [the programme has one specific webpage, although there are links to outside programme references] ; information on occasion about events such as the Graduate (Dissertation) Research Workshops and Speaker's Series; and a site for the Strategies of Critique conference, a graduate symposium organized annually by students in the SPT programme.

In Spring 1999, j_spot the Journal of Social and Political Thought was launched. j_spot now has its own unique website, http://www.yorku.ca/jspot.

The continued updating and relevance of these pages will depend on contributions from a number of individuals, including students and faculty members giving workshops or papers. The series of elected and appointed student leaders have not, when asked, contributed to this site, although for years they have sent kudos. In 2001, a meeting on a holiday was criticized on SPoT, which was rebuked for drawing attention to it.

A "subject in process," these pages were born in September, 1997. SPoT and j_spot are designed and published by
Caitlin Fisher and M. Michael Schiff .

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SpoTSPoT may be contacted at this email address: SPoT@YorkU.Caj_spot has a dedicated email address: write to the journal at jspot@yorku.ca. You are invited to sign the SPoT "guestbook". In doing so you'll give us a better idea about who reads these pages, and what you want to see more (or less) of. Thanks!


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