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Next Session

The next Graduate Research Workshop has not been announced. .

The Graduate Research Workshop is a scholarly but informal presentation of proposals, works in progress and dissertations, by students in the Graduate Programme in Social & Political Thought, usually once per month and usually off campus, and always followed by an evening of scholarly swilling.

Return to this page for presentation titles and links to advance readings for next year's sessions.

The Graduate Research Workshop series (or GRW, formerly known as the Dissertation Research Workshop) is an academic forum organized and directed by SPT students. It provides an opportunity for both M.A. and Ph.D. students to present work in progress, work nearing completion or finished work. This may include thesis proposals or chapters, Major Research Papers and conference papers, but is not limited to these types of work only.

The GRW is an excellent occasion for SPT students to meet each other, share ideas and solicit feedback from their peers. This workshop series was introduced to address the need for regular intellectual discussion in a department where such opportunities can be rare. Again, presenting at the GRW is not only for students who are completing their theses. It is an effective way for students at all levels of graduate studies to engage others with their work, to develop their personal presentation styles, or just to get comfortable in front of an audience in an academic setting.

Each session is usually divided between two presentations with discussion periods. Students may choose to present independently or coordinate their presentations in pairs on thematically related work. For those who are interested in presenting, please contact
Sean Lokaisingh-Meighoo .

The GRW Archives

A record of previous GRW abstracts, beginning with the session for October, 1997, is no longer available.

Schedule of GRWs in 2001-2002:

To be announced.

Questions about the GRW? Email
Sean Lokaisingh-Meighoo.

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Archives (no longer available (1997-2001), Schedule , Childcare Policy


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