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Blog 175

Blog 175

Student Accessibility Services Exam Tips for Faculty: Don't Miss Out!

By the Student Accessibility Services team

It’s the time of year when everyone could use a helping hand!  Student Accessibility Services has created a couple of resources to assist Faculty in accommodating your students who will be taking exams during the April exam period.   Also find attached a Mental Health Resource sheet that you can provide to students if you have concerns about their well-being.

Faculty Tips for Planning Online Exams for Students with Disabilities

Here are some tips to keep in mind when creating your online assessments.  Preparing to write in an online remote environment may continue to be new to many students.  Being proactive may prevent accessibility issues from arising and will help to reduce both student and faculty anxiety.  The tips below will help you with your planning!

  1. If you have received a Letter of Accommodation (LOA) from a student listing test/exam accommodation, make a point of reaching out in advance to discuss the implementation of the accommodation.  Should you need to consult with the student’s accessibility counsellor there will be ample time to reach out and work through any details.
  2. Consider using a spreadsheet to keep track of students and their relevant accommodations for easy access.
  3. Remember to enter each student’s extra time found in their accommodation letter into the exam online system format.*

*The Alternate Exam & Test Centre team can provide you with a list of all your students and their extra time accommodation by contacting them at or you can complete the Course Instructor eClass Support Request Form and they will make the time adjustments for you. For complete instructions on this process please visit

  1. Please ensure that the student can reach you during the exam should they have a question.
  2. Please click here for quick access to a mental health resource sheet should any of your students need access to a mental health resource during the exam.

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