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Engagement Strategies for Teaching Remotely (Online Course) (September 13-October 8, 2021)

This course can count toward the Certificate of Proficiency in Teaching for eLearning. Student engagement is a common goal whether you are teaching in a classroom or online. There are, however, added complexities to engaging students in the remote and online environment. In this course, we will explore the challenges and barriers to engaging students […]

Marking and Grading Strategies - Sept. 23, 2021

During this interactive webinar we’ll focus first on your perspective as a learner and what your expectations are when your own work is being graded. Then we’ll brainstorm together strategies you can use as a marker/grader to meet these expectations that your students have. The session will give a brief overview of marking and grading […]

Making Meaningful Connections with your Students

Establishing a meaningful relationship with our students early in studios, tutorials or lab sessions is crucial for us as teaching assistants since we are often the first point of contact in courses and we can share our passion for course material in ways lecturers can’t. In this workshop, we will first explore basic but essential […]

Teaching in a Multicultural Classroom

Being a Teaching Assistant (TA) can be an exciting experience that contributes to one’s personal development and professional growth as an educator.  TAs may encounter challenges in teaching methods, marking and grading schemes, and teacher-student interactions.  This workshop will demonstrate how Teaching Assistants can effectively interact with their students from diverse ethnic, cultural, and linguistic […]

Strategies to Maintain and Inspire Student Motivation

Having trouble engaging, motivating and getting your students to participate in class through activities or discussions? Join us for a one-hour workshop where we will explore strategies to inspire and maintain motivation in the classroom. Bring your ideas and be prepared to participate in a variety of activities designed to help you motivate your students. […]

The Dynamics of Teaching and Facilitating Discussion Online

Are you new to the online environment, particularly teaching in this environment? In this session we'll explore the difference between synchronous and asynchronous teaching. The main focus will be a facilitated discussion on facilitating discussion online (both synchronously and asynchronously). During the session you will- distinguish between synchronous and asynchronous discussion- identify ways to build […]

Teaching Critical Research and Writing Skills Workshop for TAs

This workshop, co-facilitated by a writing professor and a librarian, will highlight strategies, activities, and resources that TAs can use to strengthen undergraduate students’ library research, information literacy, and writing skills so they can prepare quality papers and assignments at university. Research and writing go hand-in-hand in university assignments, requiring both critical engagement with information […]

What is 'Conflict' and How Might it Arise in the Classroom?

Together we will define what we each mean by “conflict” and explore a working definition for this workshop. We will share potential sources or situations in which conflict may arise in the classroom, such as sensitive course content, most stressful times for students during the semester (perhaps centred around assessments and grades) etc. The focus […]

Teaching Critical Reading Skills Workshop for TAs

Having trouble getting your students to do the readings? Academic reading is central to academic success at university, so why is it so difficult to convince students to keep up with course readings? Effective academic reading is time-consuming, requires deep attention, critical reflection, the ability to connect readings to one another and to course objectives, […]

Trauma-informed Teaching Assistant Practice

Our role as Teaching Assistants can include providing support for students in the midst of loss, crisis or traumatic events. Because of our unique relationships with our students, they may choose to disclose and seek support for trauma, and yet we do not have the training or tools, necessarily, to navigate such disclosure. This workshop […]

Dealing with Classroom and Student Conflict

Conflict can happen both in and out of the classroom. As a TA, what have been your experiences? What are your concerns? How can you be proactive and minimize conflict in your course? Can you identify the worrisome signs? If so, how do we deal with them? In this workshop an emphasis will be put […]