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Reflective classroom observation programs

The Teaching Commons offers a range of programs supporting a reflective teaching practice. Our programs include opportunities to discuss teaching practices with an educational developer, with colleagues, and with our student consultants. Additional information about these programs can be found below.

Formative classroom observations

The Teaching Commons is offering colleagues who teach at York (Course Directors) the opportunity to participate in a formative teaching observation. This process is not a formal evaluation or assessment, but rather a voluntary and collaborative activity designed to inspire a reflective dialogue on classroom teaching. This program is open to a course at any level and of any type (e.g. lecture, seminar, etc). Typically, this process is centered on your goals for participating in the program and a classroom observation by an Educational Developer. By engaging in this process, you will gain insight into your current teaching practice while also exploring diverse teaching strategies or course design ideas. 

Please note that there will be no in person (face to face) observations while social distancing is required on campus. Alternative observations could include inviting your liaison Educational Developer to attend a synchronous (Zoom) class, adding your liaison Educational Developer to your eClass site as an auditor to review your asynchronous activities, or any combination of synchronous and asynchronous remote engagement.

To request an observation, complete the formative observation request form

To learn more, contact Lisa Endersby, Educational Developer

Teaching Wheels

Interested in seeing how other faculty at York are designing and delivering their online courses? Want to get some feedback about your own online course? Join us for Teaching Wheels Online, a peer-observation program facilitated by Teaching Commons staff, in which participants join each other’s online or remote courses as guests in order to see different approaches to teaching online in action, share strategies, feedback, and insights with one another, and enhance their own teaching through observation and reflection.

To register or for more information, please visit the Teaching Commons Calendar

Student Consultants on Teaching at York

SCOTAY, or Student Consultants on Teaching at York, are undergraduate students from the Faculty of Education with a keen interest in teaching and learning and the enhancement of the student experience. Their role is to provide a student voice into teaching and learning activities at York, offering a low stress opportunity for faculty to reflect on their teaching practice through the eyes of a student. Faculty whose primary role is teaching, or faculty who are looking to revisit current strategies or reflect on new pedagogies, are all encouraged to register. These students have been trained here at the Teaching Commons to work with professors who are interested in receiving feedback on their teaching from a student not enrolled in their classes. The SCOTAYs are ready to observe a lecture and provide feedback based on a pre-observation meeting in which you and the student set goals and expectations for the observation.

Our SCOTAY program is currently in development as we continue to explore students as partners in our programming. For more information, please contact Lisa Endersby at

Book a consultation

Questions? Looking for more information? Contact a member of our Teaching Commons team.

Lisa Endersby, Educational Developer

For questions about the Formative Classroom Observation Program or Student Consultants on Teaching at York

Robin Sutherland-Harris, Educational Developer

For questions about the Teaching Wheels program