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UIT Initiatives

Information Technology Planning

UIT, Faculties and the University Libraries, engage in an annual computing plan process that results in a set of proposed initiatives for the plan year.Annual plans are developed through consultation with University stakeholders as well as through dialogue amongst I.T. service providers. Plans are also driven by University strategies and priorities, including the University’s Information Technology Strategy. UIT’s annual computing plans represent a set of proposed initiatives that remain subject to one or both of further prioritization/consultation and final review within the budget process.

Current Computing Plans

Strategic Plans

Information Technology Projects

UIT is continuously engaged in a large variety of initiatives that support the full scope of the University’s work in teaching and learning, research and administration as well as the ongoing management of York’s information technology infrastructure.

UIT’s project management process works to manage initiatives from concept or idea through to completion. The process includes identifying potential initiatives, both through the annual planning process, and as needed. Potential projects are reviewed and prioritized by University stakeholders and enter a “proposed” stage, during which project scope, timing and resource requirements are estimated. Based upon size and scope of a project, additional documentation is supplied, the project is planned, and timelines and resources committed.Once planned, projects are scheduled and then move into an “in progress” state where they are managed and regularly monitored through to completion.

Current Project Status