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Course Code Lookup

What is a course code string?

When you request online services for your courses, you may be asked to provide the complete course code string. This code represents a specific offering of a course in a specific academic year. You can get codes for any official grouping of a course: lecture, seminar, tutorial, lab, etc.
The code looks like this.


The spaces in the code are replaced with underscores so that it can be used by web applications like YQuiz.

How to find and copy a course code

  1. Go to
  2. Use the selection boxes to choose the faculty, department, and academic year of the course.
    • Summer courses belong to the academic year that started with the previous September. Courses in May to August 2004 are part of the 2003–04 academic year.
  3. Enter the course number in the space provided.
  4. Click Look Up Course Code.
  5. Locate the offering you are interested in from the results list.
    • You may see many matches, especially if the course has tutorials, labs or multiple sections. Check carefully to be sure you have located the grouping you need.
  6. Click the Copy link beside the course code. This will copy the code to the clipboard.
    • The Copy link will work only for certain web browsers; if it doesn't work for you, select the course code string and choose Edit menu > Copy.
  7. Return to the location where you need to enter a course code string, position the cursor where you need the code to appear, and choose Edit menu > Paste.