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AirYork Guest Setup Video Transcript

All right this is an instructional video for how to use the Air York Guest Service. So right here in this case we have our device. It's a Mac OS device. So it's turned on. It's ready to go and it's of course a wireless device. So we're gonna go up to our wireless connection icon right there and click on it and of course you select AirYork Guest and you give it a moment. It's gonna pull up a browser. It's just basically your standard screen here and the first screen that you should see is asking you about how do you want to register. Now in this case in this video we're just going to do the email based registration. So you click on that okay and it'll take you to the next screen alright. So in the next screen here it's basically acceptable use policy. That's pretty standard stuff. Make sure you read it. You go all the way to the bottom. You read all this information, that's very important and you click on I accept right here. This is where you put in your personal email address okay. In this case we're just using a test email address so I'm just gonna keep on talking and making sure that you understand that this is really just your personal email address. Okay so you click on the continue button. Alright and success what this means at this point is you still have to do something else. You're not done yet. So this grants you ten minutes of internet service so you can go anywhere but what you really should do is go to your email address. So remember that email address in the previous screen? Well you put in your email address your personal email address so in this case we're going to go login to our own personal email address. We can just use a gmail account. So log in and look we have an email from the Air York Guest system right. So AirYork Guest sent us an email. So let's click on it. Oh here's a standard message that you would get and you click on the activate your internet service button. Alright and there you go, access is granted and this tells you that this is good up until that time. That basically it means that you have eight hours of internet service. Okay at the end of that eight hours of internet service you can go ahead and register again and repeat the service again if you like. Alright that completes this video on how to use AirYork Guest service.