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Telephone System

The University telephone system is an integrated communications system that is capable of switching both voice and data transmissions. The many features of this system allow easy communication within the University.

Security Control Centre (SCC)
The role of Security Services Campus Patrol section is to respond to urgent security matters on campus, and to assist public emergency agencies in responding to 911 calls at the University.

For Police, Fire & Ambulance
In a life-threatening situation, call 911 or 9-911 directly for police, fire or ambulance. Then Call Security Services at extension 33333 or call (416) 736-5333.

Public emergency agencies responding to 911 calls are met by Security Services campus patrol personnel and escorted directly to the location of the emergency.  This practice ensures that valuable time is not lost searching for a campus location.

Directory Assistance
To reach the York University switchboard operators dial 0 at the York and Glendon campuses.

For an external number that is not listed in the Bell Canada White Pages, call Directory Assistance by dialing followed by 411. A charge of $1.50 plus tax applies for each listed number that is requested.

Internal Calls (York and Glendon)
Listen for dial-tone, then dial the five-digit local number to reach any phone at York or Glendon.

Outgoing Calls
Listen for dial-tone, dial 9, then dial the appropriate ten-digit number. The dial-tone will continue after has been dialed. No pause is necessary.

In-Coming Calls
When leaving word for someone off campus to call you, leave your departmental direct-in-dial (DID) number along with your own personal extension number. If your department does not have a DID, leave the main switchboard number (416) 736-2100 and your five digit extension number.

Direct-in-Dial Lines vs. Extension Numbers
A direct-in-dial line is a 7 digit telephone number that bypasses the main University switchboard. A caller can reach an individual or department directly by dialing such a number.

A direct line can also be a 5 digit extension number. For Keele campus dial 5 plus the last four digits in the phone number.  For Glendon campus dial 6 plus the last four digits in the phone number.

Direct lines at the York Campus begin with (416)-736-5xxx or (416)-650-8xxx (with the exception of the main number which is (416) 736-2100). Direct lines at Glendon begin with (416) 487-6xxx.

An extension number is a 5 digit internal number. These numbers cannot be directly dialed from off campus. External callers must dial the main University number (416)-736-2100, or the departmental direct line, and request to be transferred to the appropriate extension number.

Meet Me Conference Calls

Meet Me Conference is a service available to York faculty and staff, allowing individuals to participate in a conference call at the same time. A $15.00 service charge will apply for each conference session. It will be the responsibility of the requestor to set up and supervise the conference call. The following are the instructions for arranging and managing the conference session.

To arrange a Meet Me conference call contact Telecommunications at at least 48 hours ahead of time, providing the following:

  1. Contact name of the person who will be supervising the conference call
  2. Telephone number
  3. Email address
  4. Budget number
  5. Date, start and end times

Please Note: Your budget will be billed for any collect calls that you accept during the conference call.

Telecommunications / Telecom York
Administrative Services: (416) 736-2100 Ext. 44357
Location: 016 Steacie Science and Engineering Building