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Project Collaboration using Basecamp

Basecamp is a service operated by a company called 37Signals and it is hosted outside of the University (a "cloud service").


Once a Basecamp project is setup, a user can manage all the work associated with a project such as task-assignment, project discussions, basic milestone management and online communication between team members.

If you already have access to a Basecamp project then you can login to it at .
As of April 2016, we have upgraded to the new Basecamp version 3. All new projects requested will be created under Basecamp v3. All projects that were created before April 2016 will remain under Basecamp version 2.

Terms of Service

  • Using Basecamp as an instructional tool for academic purposes is not permitted.
  • Basecamp is a cloud based project collaboration platform, therefore documents containing confidential, personal and personal health information (ID numbers, code numbers, passwords, etc.) must not be stored on the system.
  • Users are encouraged to keep a copy of documents uploaded to Basecamp as the vendor reserves the right to remove content as outlined in the Basecamp Terms of Service.
  • The application will not be enhanced; it is available "as-is".
  • The maximum upload size for a document/file is 2GB.
  • At the end of the project, the information from the Basecamp site will be exported by UIT and sent to the project owner for their archive/access purposes. The project will then be removed from the Basecamp site.

How to request a Basecamp project site

  • Eligibility: York Administrative staff who need a platform for project collaboration. Note that a project has a distinct end, typically in 4-6 months. It isn't appropriate or provided for enabling continuing work (i.e. standing committee meetings) or be used for group file sharing.
  • Submit a service request
  • A Basecamp site is usually activated within 2 business days and depends on operating hours. If the service is not activated within the posted delivery schedule, users are urged to contact UIT Client Services by emailing


  • There are no charges associated with this service.

Mobile Integration

How do I get help?

Training resources & best practices

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Basecamp 3 HelpBasecamp 2 Help
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