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Basecamp Quickstart FAQs

  1. How to I invite people to my project?
    1. Enter the project.
    2. Click on the Invite more people link at the upper-right.
    3. Click on the "Our Team" tab, and type the email address of those to be invited as team members to the project.
    4. Modify the message box to contain your welcome message.
    5. Click on the send invitation button.
  2. How to start a discussion in basecamp?
    1. Click on your project.
    2. Click on the Discussion link.
    3. Type your message in the provided field. You may attach files to the message.
    4. Choose the recipients from the choices below.
    5. Click on the Post this message button.
  3. Can i reply via email to the discussion in basecamp?
    1. Yes, your reply will automatically be appended into the discussion section of the project.
    2. Do not change the reply-to address since it contains the message id to append your reply to the discussion.
    3. There is a 15 minute grace period on the basecamp server to go in and modify/delete a message once it enters a discussion.
  4. Can we add files or attachments into basecamp?
    1. Yes. Under the Discussion section, there is a text area to write your messages. Just under that text area are options to attach files.
  5. How to assign a task in the project?
    1. Use a To-Do list. In your project, click on To-do list .
    2. Click on the Add a to-do list button.
    3. Specify the To-do list a title (eg: Charles' To-Does) immediately under the button.
    4. Click on Save and start adding to-dos button.
    5. Specify the first To-Do (eg: Task 1) and click on the Unassigned . No due date button at the right.
    6. A small window will appear to allow you to choose one of your team members and choose the due date.
    7. Once done, click on the Add this to-do button.
      1. If you wish to add a comment to the To-Do, click on the To-Do and add your comment in the provided field. Please note that comments are automatically emailed to the person(s) selected for the To-Do list.
      2. When done, click on the Add this comment button.
      3. The recipients of the comments can reply back to the messages and it will be appended to the To-Do list.