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Adobe Connect Diagnostic Test

For Attendees and Presenters
You can use the following tool to assess your computer’s ability to connect to Adobe Connect. If you experience a problem with one of your Web browsers, please try the following link with another browser before attempting other remedial measures:
The link works for both Attendees and Presenters, and has a comprehensive list of troubleshooting items and their solutions should you experience issues.
NOTE: If you are only attending the meeting, YOU DO NOT NEED to install the “Connect Add-In”.
If you do not have the Adobe Connect Add-in, you have the option to install it here as well. The add-in is for presenters and administrators, so you may not actually need it.
Plug-ins and Updates
You can download Adobe Connect plug-ins and updates here:
Please note that York University is still using Adobe Connect 7 until late Fall/Winter 2014-15, so please ensure you install the plugins that work for Connect 7.