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Web Media

Streaming media can be added to your website. There are several options.

Videos on YouTube/Vimeo

YouTube and Vimeo each allow you to upload original video content and distribute it via the Internet. People can then view the videos on the YouTube or Vimeo websites. Both websites provide:

  • the opportunity for mass distribution of your content
  • fast access and loading on a variety of devices
  • searchability on search engines

You can also embed these videos on your webpage.

YouTube and Vimeo are distinct services. Start by setting up an account:

Upload your videos as per the instructions on the site.

If you create a YouTube account on behalf of your department, please inform They will add your account to the list of Featured York YouTube Accounts.

Lecture Recording

Lecture Recording is a way to record and share lectures with students. Camtasia Relay is used to simultaneously record what instructors are doing on a computer screen as well as audio.

If you are interested in using Lecture Recording in your course(s), please visit the Lecture Recording website for more information:

This service is available to York faculty members.

Streaming Service

For content that cannot be hosted on YouTube or Vimeo, UIT offers an in-house media streaming service.

This service is available to York faculty members, research projects, and administrative and academic units.

For more information about this service contact