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Web Development

York UIT provides direction, assistance and support for designing, creating and maintaining websites, and online forums.

This is a high demand service and as a result may require UIT to balance requests for service against available resources and current priorities. Prior to requesting services, clients are urged to review the Tips For Building a New Website page to develop a conceptual view of the website desired and to expedite the process by giving the development team a better sense of the client's needs.
These services are housed on a reliable, secure, centrally-managed system and are available to York faculty members, research units, and administrative and academic units:

These services are typically activated within 2 business days, depending on operating hours.

Web Standards

Web Standards are intended to guide the application of the University's visual identity across the different kinds of web pages, websites and web applications used to communicate within the University and with the public. They are also intended to provide consistency in implementation.

Web Site Accessiblity

If you are building or maintaining a web site, or contracting with someone or a company to do so, it is important that you are aware of the requirements and practices for web site accessibility, which concerns how to make web sites usable for users with disabilities.  As of January 1, 2014, there are legal requirements for York web sites concerning accessibility.  Please consult AODA Web Accessibility for details.