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YorkNet provides wired network access in designated campus locations using a computer with an Ethernet network adapter/card and a network cable. The YorkNet service can be used by plugging into a YorkNet jack, opening a browser and logging in with a valid Passport York username and password for an 8-hour session of network service. Once logged in, you get high-speed access to the Internet, email, web page accounts, York University Library eResources, and more.

How do I get it?

YorkNet jacks are usually pink, and are available in academic buildings across campus.  Look for these public network jacks in libraries, the Computing Commons, classrooms, lecture halls, and more.

  • YorkNet locations.
  • Plug In:  After configuring the computer for YorkNet service, connect the network cable to the YorkNet jack and to the computer’s Ethernet network adapter/card.
  • Log In:  After plugging into a YorkNet jack, open a web browser and log in using your Passport York username and password.
  • Start Surfing:  After logging in, start using the YorkNet Internet service.

How do I get help?

Usually YorkNet just works – plug your computer into a YorkNet jack and you should be connected to the York network and the Internet in a few seconds. If this doesn’t work you may need to set up and configure your computer for YorkNet service. Click below for hardware requirements and setup instructions for compatible computer systems.

Technical Requirements And Setup Instructions

  • Ethernet adapter in your computer.
  • Good quality ethernet cable. We recommend CAT 6.
  • Set computer networking to use DHCP:
    Windows 7 and above | Mac OS X 10.7 and above|
  • Ensure your computer has adequate security protection installed and updated.