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Printing Instructions

STEP 1 - Send the print job

  1. Log into the lab computer with your Passport York and send the print job as you normally would, or if you’re on your laptop you can go to
  2. From the list of printers, select the most appropriate printer given your lab or location (e.g. the printer called “arruda\LB-STEACIE-RICOH-PRNT-B&W”)

STEP 2 - Release the print job

  1. Note the account balance is available in the middle of the screen:
    • The Balance field is the amount that can be used for printing purposes ONLY. This is used only by registered grad students who have been given a printing allocation and is automatically used first if available.
    • The Blackboard Balance field is the FLEX account balance which is typically used by Undergraduate students to pay for printing, and at other vendors on campus. Graduate students can also use the FLEX account amount if their printing quota is depleted.
    • You can view your balance at any time by going to
  2. Select the document(s) you want to print by clicking on Print next to each print job, or you can click the Print all button to print all of your document(s). This sends the documents to print.
  3. To logout, click on the Done button


  • You can add funds via the YUcard website, via the YUcard loading stations, or by visiting their office – see information and details at