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Establishing a USC is a structural change, which involves bringing together high-volume administrative services across functions (for example HR and Finance) across the university to one service delivery entity. Bringing these services together means that process and system enhancements can occur to deliver services that are more consistent, simple, easy to access and better enabled through technology. For example, think of how client experience has improved by consolidating numerous provincial services into the single entity of Service Ontario, rather than requiring people to contact various distinct service centres for vehicle registration, marriage certificates, and ID cards.

In the early stages, the USC will offer a limited number of staff-facing services across HR and Finance. Over time the USC will offer a wider range of services within these functions and may expand to offer services in other functions as well.

We are currently working with functional leaders to identify services suitable to move into the USC. The decision on which services will move to the USC will be made by the Executive Steering Committee of the Service Excellence Program, with support from the existing functional leaders of these services.

Initially, changes to service delivery will be minimal. Once teams are settled in the USC, process improvements will begin. Process improvements will be guided by the six Service Excellence principles: user-focused, designed with, working together, empowered and accountable, simple, forward thinking. Improvement opportunities are already being identified, involving robust stakeholder engagement.

We are excited to build a team of passionate, service-minded employees from across York. We are currently working with functional leaders to identify the initial teams that will move to the USC. As the USC grows and evolves there will be opportunities for other interested employees to join the team. We will continue to engage with the York community as these opportunities arise.

At this time, due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the USC will deliver services remotely.

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For questions or comments about the University Services Centre, please contact the Service Excellence Program using this form or via email: