Meet the 2022 Food & Beverage Accelerator Cohort

Meet the 2022 Food & Beverage Accelerator Cohort

This year's Food and Beverage Accelerator is run in collaboration with the Black Entrepreneurship Alliance to support 10 ventures led by underrepresented founders. The program is the first of its kind in the GTA, our Food and Beverage Accelerator will help promising food and beverage consumer-packaged goods (CPG) ventures build their strategy, grow their network, and scale their business. Get to know the 2022 Food and Beverage Accelerator Class below!

Aiva WTR

Aiva WTR is an ultra-refreshing, low calorie relaxation beverage that promotes a non-drowsy calming effect via our active ingredient L-Theanine. People often forget about the importance of putting themselves first, which can be accomplished by simply taking a step back. We understand the importance of putting yourself on your own priority list. Find your balance – take some time for yourself to relax and enjoy the moment.

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Bangin' Bannock

Bangin’ Bannock is an Indigenous women-owned business. Bannock is an Indigenous cultural fried bread, our recipe is inspired from a family recipe. Bangin’ Bannock created a convenient dry mix of bannock - just simply add water and cook at home. The product offers an invitation for others to participate in making, and to enjoy Indigenous cuisine. We focus on creating community, increasing Indigenous representation, revitalization of Indigenous language and giving back to our community by donating 10% of profits each month.

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Freezochino (freezo) is a true every day, premium, blended iced coffee with less than half the calories of any frappe you can buy at a coffee shop or Café. This European style frappe exhibits a deep authentic taste profile and unmatched texture due to our proprietary powder based on a unique Arabica-Robusta coffee blend.

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Plentea Inc.

At Plentea, we believe that creating unique tea blends is an art form and an experience for the senses. We ethically source our teas and meticulously select all of our ingredients before making it to your cup, so that each blend is as bold, delicious and fragrant as possible.

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Queens Premium

Queens Premium Crispy Onions is a healthy and much more flavorful alternative. No flour or starch is added. Ingredients are just fresh onions and cholesterol-free sunflower oil. Sprinkle over salads, burgers, roasted potatoes, steaks, and more! It's 100% natural and vegan with no salt and preservatives. Our product is gluten-free. Our mission is to benefit the consumers, providing them with products of the highest quality!

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Retea Inc.

Retea is a SUSTAINABLE bubble tea company on a mission to provide consumers affordable ways of making and drinking BBT whenever, wherever, and however they want. We do this by selling DIY BBT kits and reusable cups/accessories.

Learn more about Retea Inc. here

Rizo Radiance

RIZO RADIANCE is an ingestible beauty brand focused on collagen iced tea. The Company was founded from the idea of seamlessly blending functional nutrient-dense ingredients with healthy iced teas that you can pick up as your go-to everyday drink. Our vision is to be synonymous with ingestible skincare by imbuing our communities with endless radiance.

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Siip Bone Broth is a shelf-stable, delicious and nutritious instant bone broth that comes in convenient, single-serve stick packs so you can enjoy the benefits of bone broth anytime, anywhere within minutes. Designed for ease of use- just open a packet, add boiling water, stir and enjoy an instantly nourishing treat while at work, traveling or on-the-go.

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Silver Swallow

Bubbly not Boozy— Silver Swallow crafts premium non-alcoholic sparkling wine alternatives worthy of toasting. Presented in a curvy champagne bottle with cork and cage, Silver Swallow uses the most premium teas to create fermented, non-boozy bubbles. Offering both a Blanc and Rosé, their luxury kombuchas have been collecting top marks from customers and wine critics alike, quenching the sober curious's growing thirst for high-end alternatives.

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Stush Patty

At Stush, we make proper patties, using the best ingredients. We are committed to providing our loyal customers with the most delicious patties we possibly can. Stush Foods will transform an iconic Jamaican snack food, the patty, using quality natural ingredients and fillings inspired by the world.

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