Meet the 2022 Technology Accelerator Cohort

Meet the 2022 Technology Accelerator Cohort

The Technology Accelerator program is excited to announce the 16 participating companies in this year's cohort. The program will focus on helping technology startups execute their go-to-market strategies and acquire customers for scale and growth. Get to know the 2022 Technology Accelerator Class below!

Airtasks is a team productivity platform for architects, engineers and builders. Their product helps teams manage their daily activities more effectively and collaborate in a common data environment.

Art Gate VR Inc. is building an art district in the Metaverse. It is accessible via computers and VR headsets, saving galleries time and increasing their profits.

Managemate’s mission is to modernize the condominium industry by providing condominium boards with solutions that are purpose built to support their needs. Managemate’s first product is a SaaS collaboration software solution for condominium boards and their property managers.

Cola's Kitchen is the first producer of Individually Balanced Fresh Dog Food in the world. We’re a subscription-based service and seek to revolutionize animal diet formulation practices through technology and personalization.

Decisionhub is an application review platform that lets organizations collect, review, and make anti-bias decisions in minutes.

Labourly™ is a smart and rapid-response platform that manages candidate certification and licensing deadlines while automatically connecting qualified candidates to meaningful employment.

Machine Learning Estimation counts equipment, like fans, on construction drawings and provide this information to suppliers so they save time and increase accuracy of their quotes.

MinuteSkill is a social micro learning platform designed to help you build professional, business and tech skills using bitesized videos and social connectivity features.

MyRide901 helps vehicle owners save time by providing a vehicle management app that captures and organizes receipts, images, and service documentation on a timeline that vehicle owners can share with others.

NLPatent helps companies, lawyers and R&D professionals efficiently search for patents based on conceptual similarity using artificial intelligence.

PsyMood Technologies Inc. builds a platform offering mental health support based on language and cultural background.

Rosor is transforming the acquisition of geophysical data, integrating specialized technology to sharpen data resolution, reducing costs downstream and shorten turnaround times.

Isotope helps software teams catch bugs without relying on then to enumerate all the test scenarios. This helps simultaneously increase velocity and quality.

TechEasy connects people who need help with technology to the best tech products on the market and friendly tech experts to set them up. is a global platform to stay active and well with real instructors who really see you. They've built a video conferencing designed for wellbeing.

Wayfast is laser focused created hardware that has allowed cannabis post-processing crews to go from taking 30+ seconds per plant to scan into METRC and weigh, down to processing a plant every 2-3 seconds.