Meet the Inaugural Food Service Cohort

Meet the Inaugural Food Service Cohort

In partnership with the Black Creek Community Health Centre's Black Entrepreneurship Alliance, we have created a new initiative dedicated to supporting Food Service ventures that are Black owned. This new initiative will provide five businesses within the GTA an opportunity to gain access to mentorship, peer-to-peer sessions, and readily available online content. Get to know the inaugural cohort below.

The Abibiman Project

The Abibiman Project is rooted in the celebration of culinary and cultural diversity across Africa. We offer spice blends, sauces, coffee, tea and sweets all made with traditional African recipes, indigenous African ingredients and chef inspired techniques. We are all about welcoming and reconnecting folks to the African gastronomic table. A portion of our profit is donated to the African Food Basket to further support Black food sovereignty locally and strengthen the ties between food and culture in the local Black community.

Learn more about The Abibiman Project here

Chez Mathilda

chez Mathilda is a heritage food brand inspired by the culinary traditions & Creole culture of St. Lucia. Our better-for-you, plant-based snacks are crafted using clean ingredients sourced from certified suppliers.

Learn more about Chez Mathilda here

Krave Granola

Krave Granola is dedicated to making more than just granola. We are focused on creating a healthy brand that cares about the health and wellbeing of our communities. Our products stand out for their high nutritional benefits from natural ingredients like chia seeds, hemp seeds, goji berries, tree nuts, and cacao butter. Our Ingredients are sourced from a certified organic and gluten-free supplier within Canada. They are clean, organic, plant-based, gluten-free, non-GMO, 100% natural.

Learn more about Krave Granola here

May's Specialties

May’s Specialties provide premium cold press juices and drinks as healthy alternatives to the high sugar content drinks sold on the consumer market. We meticulously hand-pick our ingredients, creating a unique blend of flavours. We are dedicated to creating blends of juices and drinks for our valued clients which aid in easing symptoms to various health conditions and illnesses. May’s Specialties strives to help clients reach their health goals, one drink at a time.

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Mehetta Bammies

Mehetta Bammies is a Canadian food producer with Caribbean roots that provides consumers looking to experience the real taste and culture of the Caribbean with freshly made Jamaican bammies, crafted in a variety of original flavours, from the freshest ingredients. Our bammies are fresh, favourful, 100% plant-based breads made from cassava (yuca or manioc). We are connecting with people from all cultures, sharing our culinary heritage.

Learn more about Mehetta Bammies here