Student Community & Leadership Development

Student Community & Leadership Development

A team of talented students and staff members are striving to connect with others by putting a positive spin on their collective experiences in 2020.

division of students #YUPositiveChange

Students and staff members in Student Community & Leadership Development produce the “Reading Your Answers” series on social media. Launched in April 2020, it was inspired by late-night talk-show host Jimmy Kimmel's regular feature, “Celebrities Reading Mean Tweets.” The team thought it was a funny concept and wanted to do something similar, but with a positive spin to uplift others.

To create each video in the series, the team poses a question on the Student Life YU Instagram account, and records the top responses from students.    

Questions they’ve asked so far include:

“How are you celebrating your birthday during quarantine?”
“How are you keeping busy during quarantine?”
“How are you dealing with your hair during quarantine?”

“The purpose is to help students realize that we’re all in the same boat,” says Student Engagement & Media Coordinator, Michael Kasabowski, who manages the team. “We’re all having the same struggles, successes and frustrations, so let’s laugh about it. When the answers focus on stress, we share Learning Skills resources to help students cope.”

The team has received nearly 100 answers since the series began, which is a clear indication that students are enjoying it. It’s another effective initiative within the Division of Students to create #YUPositiveChange.