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Two Factor Authentication for Email Accounts

York retirees with York University email accounts will be required to log in to their email accounts through a two-step method starting in May 2021. Email account holders were contacted by University Information Technology starting on about May 25 and given instructions about how to log in with the two-step process, called "2FA."  It is designed to make York emails much more secure, which is good news. It is also good news that the 2FA system is relatively easy to use.

At the YURA Café session held on Zoom on Tuesday, February 16th, Chris Russel, the University's Chief Information Security Officer, joined more than 30 YURA members to discuss the introduction of two factor authentication (2FA) to retirees' e-mail accounts.

Most important to note is that deployment of 2FA to retirees' e-mail accounts began on May 25, 2021.  Communications with instructions were circulated prior to this date.

To view the video of the 50-minute YURA Café session, please click here.

To view the Powerpoint deck that Chris presented to the group, please click here.

For further information, please visit the University's 2FA web site at:

One further update. At the end of July, the two-step method was introduced for logging in to Passport York accounts. When asked for your password, input your usual password, enter a comma with no spaces before or after, and then enter the number on your DUO token or sent to your mobile phone.