Select Publications

(2016) "The Canada-US Shiprider Program, Jurisdiction and the Crime-Security Nexus" in Kevin Walby, Randy K. Lippert, Ian Warrenand Darren Palmer (eds) National Security, Surveillance, and Emergencies: Canadian and Austrailan Sovereignty Compared. McGill-Queen's University Press. (forthcoming).

(2014) "Wanted by the CBSA" in" Deborah Brock, Amanda Glasbeek and Carmela Murdocca (eds) Criminalization, Representation and Regulation Toronto: Oxford University Press.

(2012)  "Immigration Penality and the Crime-Security Nexus: The Case of Tran Trong Nghi Nguyen" in Karim Ismaili, Jane Sprott and Kim Varma (eds), Canadian Criminal Justice Policy: A Contemporary Reader Toronto: Oxford University Press, pp. 273-298.

(2010) “Between a Hunch and a Hard Place: Making Suspicion Reasonable at the Canadian Border” Social and Legal Studies 19(4): 461- 480.

----- and Lorne Sossin. (2009) “The Puzzle of Discretion” in Discretion: New Dimensions  Special Issue, Canadian Journal of Law and Society 24(3): 301-312.

----- and Sara K. Thompson. (2008) "Chivalry, 'Race' and Discretion at the Canadian Border". British Journal of Criminology, 48(5): 620-640.

(2005) Securing Borders: Detention and Deportation in Canada Vancouver: University of British Colombia Press (Law and Society Book Series).

----- and Mariana Valverde. (2002) “ ‘From Deserving Victims to Masters of Confusion’: Redefining Refugees in the 199Os”. Canadian Journal of Sociology 27(2):135-161.

(2001) “Sovereign Power, Carceral Conditions and Penal Practices: Detention and Deportation in Canada”. Studies in Law, Politics and Society, 23:45-78.

(1999) “Dunking the Doughnut: Discretionary Power, Law and the Administration of the Canadian Immigration Act”. Social and Legal Studies, 8(2):199-226.

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