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The Science Fiction Culture

Course Texts

The Rules

1. Live cell phones are NOT permitted in the lecture or tutorial. If your cell phone goes off during class, you will be asked to leave and may not return for the duration of that class


If you bring a laptop into the classroom, you are expected to use it for classroom purposes. If you choose to use your laptop for surfing the internet, playing games, or any other non-class-related purposes, you must sit at the back of the lecture hall or seminar room.
3. Plagiarism is a serious offense! You may not present other people’s words or ideas—whether word-for-word, in paraphrase, or in summary— as if they are your own. Cite all sources in both written work and oral presentations. Failure to do so will lead to severe penalties; please read your material on academic honesty!
4 You are responsible for knowing sessional dates, including drop dates. If you wish to drop the course, you must do so by the drop date and do so through the registrar’s office; you cannot simply stop coming to class. If your name is still on the class list by the end of the course, and you have done none or very little of the work, you will receive an F.
5. You MUST attend the tutorial in which you are registered. If you wish to switch tutorials, you must do so officially. You may not simply attend any tutorial you wish. Should you attend a tutorial in which you are not registered, you will receive no credit for attendance or participation.
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