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Tesseracts 4 launch
Tesseracts 4 launch

Arrowdreams launch
Dad, Lorna Toolis, and Robert Whiteley join me at the launch of Arrowdreams
The Merril Collection, 1998

Living Room
Cover of Living Room (2001)

Living Room launch
At the launch of Living Room
Top of the Senator, 2001

New Orleans
Signing a fan's copy
New Orleans, 2002

Proceedings Volume

Proceedings of the 2003 Academic Conference on Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy

Making The Rounds (2016)


Telescope (2019)


Below is a list of most of my publications, both fiction and non-fiction, as well as links to some of my stories.  I have not included details about book reviews and other short pieces. 

I do love to play with language; perhaps the most obvious example of that in my writing is "The Domitable Knight Errant," which is based on the fact that English has a number of words that exist only with negative or other prefixes and suffixes.  My story contains the root words that logically should exist but don't--or are obsolete or obscure.  I've  learned since writing the first draft of this that a similar piece (mostly involving idiomatic expressions) appeared in The New Yorker, and that this is called "back-formation" (for the pedants among you).


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Conference Papers

For a list of papers given at academic conferences click here.