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About the Archive

The 'Feminist Porn Archive' was created by a small group of researchers here at York University, and funded in part by a grant from the Faculty of Arts, and is designed to generate and document the production of feminist porn. Over the years, we have discovered that there are few places to send our students to do research on the existence of feminist porn (conventional libraries do not collect these materials). There’s a great deal of material being produced by feminist, queer and transsexual/transgender artists, film-makers, sex radicals and so forth but there are few places where these materials are being housed, documented, and/or made available for research. You can find a great deal of material online but such sources may not be either academic nor historical and might not help answer questions like: What kinds of porn were feminists making in the 1970s or 1960s? or What does 'feminist porn' mean in the first place? We operate by donation; we are looking to gather materials (magazines, drawings, film, video, posters, etc.) and invite donations. For details on how who we are, on how to donate material to the archive, or to find out more about feminist porn, just follow the links in the menu.

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