York University, Faculty of Science and Engineering

Division of Natural Science

Natural Science 1730A, Scientific Change, Summer Session 2011

Course Director: Byron E. Wall


Last update June 24, 2011


This web site is for the use of students in Scientific Change. This site will be updated from time to time whenever there is new information about the course or new resources that students can link to through this site.



       The final exam has now been marked and course grades are available. To find your marks and the resulting course letter grade, click here and scroll down to the last five digits of your student number. The class average on the final exam was 75.1 out of 120 or 62.5%, making the class average for the course mark 64%, which is pretty well in line with the average for this course over the years.

Click on the links below to go to extended information about each topic and to bring up schedules for printing and downloading: 

  • Schedules.
  • Supplementary resources. This link will take you to a list of supplementary resources on various topics in the course.
  • E-mail addresses of Course Director and Class Representatives.
  • The lecture notes. This link takes you to a list of the lectures in the course, from which you can download a version of the PowerPoint slides that will be shown in class with space for individual note-taking.
  • The M-Aid in NATS service. Information about this free tutoring service for Natural Science students who need help working with any mathematical concepts in their Natural Science course.

Adobe Acrobat Reader. You will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed to read any PDF files that may be posted. It may be downloaded free of charge by at the site you reach by clicking here. You may need this reader later on in this course for some of the other things posted on this website. Many public computer workstations (e.g. in libraries) will already have Acrobat installed. 


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