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Intersections 2007: What's Right / Right Now?
The Ethics and Ethoi of Critical Thought and Practice in the 21 st Century

The Sixth Annual Critical and Creative Graduate Student Conference by The Joint Graduate Programme in Communication and Culture
@ Ryerson University & York University , Toronto , Canada

2007 Conference Chair: A. Brady Curlew, PhD Candidate

Intersections 2007: What's Right / Right Now? will feature a opening gala and keynote address by Henry A. Giroux on the evening of Friday, March 23, 2007 . This event will happen in the Student Campus Centre (SCC), located at 55 Gould Street , Ryerson University Campus. Please note : The main conference proceedings (March 24-25) are taking place in the Rogers Communication Centre (RCC), located at 80 Gould Street , Ryerson University campus.

Attendance to Intersections 2007 is open to anyone, but geared towards the academic community. Since this is a graduate student event and grad students are notoriously poor, we do not have a registration fee for presenters, nor a set-in-stone entrance fee for audience members. However, we ask that you make a donation of what you can upon entry ($10-20 dollars recommended) to help us cover some of our costs.

This conference is presented by and for graduate student scholars, artists and activists through the organizing efforts of the Communication and Culture Graduate Students Association (GSA): http://www.yorku.ca/cocugsa

For more information about the Joint Graduate Programme in Communication and Culture at Ryerson and York Universities : http://comcult.yorku.ca


Intersections 2007 will feature Toronto artist Rob Labossiere's "Sloganeer" participatory authorship installation - a "resource for the exploration of organization, collective, company or group identity." Sloganeer allows users to "play, explore, twist, add to, divert, enhance... in a word, build the collective meaning of [whatever topic is assigned]. You can also use Sloganeer as a feedback and consensus building tool. Gather commentary, thoughts, criticism ? public feedback or input into your project, goals and methods." (http://www.sloganeer.org)

Conference participants will be asked to develop a slogan for the concept of "The University"

Collected slogans will be read off at the end of the conference, as well as published online at http://www.sloganeer.org

Many Thanks to:

Communication and Culture Graduate Student's association
York University's Graduate Students' Association
York University's Faculty of Graduate Studies
Ryerson Students' Union, Graduate Executive Committee
Ryerson University 's School of Graduate Studies
Ryerson Media Services
Ryerson Campus Planning and Facilities
Oakham House Conferencing at the Ryerson Student Campus Center
The Faculty and Staff of the Communication and Culture programme, York / Ryerson
Duke University Press
The Penguin Group Canada
Continuum International Publishing Group
Palgrave MacMillan
Robert Labossiere, YYZ Books
Cathy Gee, Rogers Communication Centre

Henry A. Giroux
Steven Schnoor

All the Volunteer Panel Chairs
Alla Gadassik, Graphic Design
Yukari Seko, Website Design

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