V. Andrisani

Environmental Studies, Independent Artist
... humans interact and create relationships in a manner that is multisensory and the notion of establishing clairaudience ... with our city soundscape will reacquaint us with our urban environment ... 'What does the ideal city sound like?'.

Mahdis Azarmandi

Graduate Student, Universitat Jaume I, Valencia
... the notion of transnational cinema as a tool to describe and articulate conceptions of cultural change in diasporic ... cinema ... Transnational cinema becomes a site for interrogating the formation of representation, cultural practice and identity.

I. Benson

Senior Associate Counsel for Miller Thomson LLP and am Extraordinary Professor of Law, Department of Constitutional Law and the Department of the Philosophy of Law, Faculty of Law, University of the Free State, Bloemfontein, South Africa
... a call for a richer paradigm to discuss both religion and multiculturalism in Canada - one that better accords with our constitutional self-understanding as a "free and democratic" society open to pluralism and multiculturalism.

P. Brienza

Department of Sociology, York University
... how a new 'anthropological knowledge' combined with ancient concerns with ideal forms ... [and resulted in a] new history. The question for us in the contemporary world is whether a concept of universal history is possible even though the processes of globalization seem inevitable.

J. Buccheri

Graduate Student, York University
Learning environments which are saturated increasingly by electronic technologies pose pedagogical challenges for an emerging cosmopolis.

M. Buccheri

Master, Founders College, York University
Understanding Orphic mythology is crucial for the creation of new foundations for cosmopolitan humanism.

Mario Calla

CEO, COSTI Immigrant Services
Creating socially-cohesive yet nevertheless diverse communities is-to borrow Freud's phrase "the royal road" towards cosmopolis, a process very much underway in the City of Vaughan and other parts of the Greater Toronto Area. ... this paper will present and explore opportunities for creating the right conditions in both urban and suburban settings for the development of healthy, socially connected communities.

R. Castro-Salazar

Instructional Division Dean, Pima Community College District, Tucson, Arizona
... the Phoenix-Tucson metropolitan areas ... will form a single megapolitan region. ... fuelled by immigration from Mexico, both authorized and unauthorized ... [but] without a formal incorporation of immigrants, the region will see the rise of antidemocratic structures, human rights abuses, and economic decline.

Ian Chodikoff

Editor, Canadian Architect, John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Design
The suburbs of today are more ethnically diverse, globally connected and culturally aware than at any other time in history. The influences of these factors on the built environment are unprecedented in the evolution of the North American city.

J. Curto

Department of History, York University
... this contribution seeks to reconstruct the evolution of an important group of diasporic Brazilian social agents in Benguela [Angola] that until 1850 were responsible for the movement of hundreds of thousands of slaves to Rio de Janeiro.

D. de Kerckhove


C. Dewdney

Department of English, Glendon College, York University

W. El Khachab

Arabic Studies, Dept. of Languages, Literatures, & Linguistics, York University
... Arab traditions ... have developed the concept of Ghorba ... This concept, if it were secularized and rearticulated in light of the recent literature on the figure of the Stranger, can provide a basis for a theory of "homeness," particularly pertaining to the ethics of inhabiting a postmodern city.

G. Fallis

Professor, Department of Economics, York University
The paper explores the nature of cosmopolitan values, both currently and through history, at the same time exploring the nature of citizenship ... the University - through its provision of a liberal education to undergraduates and through its professors as public intellectuals - has a special role in developing cosmopolitan citizenship.

D. Gabaccia

Rudolph J. Vecoli Professor of Immigration History and Director, Immigration History Research Center, University of Minnesota
... Many countries have significant histories of immigration: many have grappled with the same issues of cosmopolitanism, diasporas, and ethnic, racial, and linguistic diversity. ... this talk offers an historical look at the "nation of immigrants" as one of several nation-building strategies ...

J. Goulding

Department of Social Science, York University
... Kwame Appiah speaks of "rooted cosmopolitanism" whereby local cultural standards anchor generalized attitudes to global circumstances. In complimentary fashion, Chinese body phenomenology enhances rooted cosmopolitanism by embracing local and global.

M. Guardado

University of Alberta
Cosmopolitan has become a popular concept in recent scholarship in fields such as sociology and cultural geography. ... how can this concept be brought into productive conversation with issues of Heritage Language development and identity?

D. Hoerder

Department of History, Arizona State University
[This study will focus on] ... a case study of students at one of the banlieue universities [in France] and their definition of identities and belongings with the alienation of the rioters of the 2005 disorders and the role of the state in creating such alienation. ... suggesting a theory and practice of a moderately secular state committed to democratic institutional pluralism as an alternative to French Republican Fundamentalism and a monolithic state.

P. Idahosa

Department of Social Sciences & African Studies Coordinator, York University
In order to understand the shifting nature of discourse on identity, one needs to understand the different levels of usage to which cosmopolitanisms have apparently been put ... this paper ... will explore some examples of historically informed distinctions and elisions in the descriptive, the normative and the explanatory in these overlapping notions of identities and movements.

K. Javed

Graduate Student, York University
... a central focus of this paper is to interrogate the national context, exploring Canada's possible role in mediating and shaping Islamic resurgence and Muslim youth activism that is a growing phenomenon in Canadian society ...

M. Johnson

Department of History, York University
This paper examines the main migratory patterns of Caribbean peoples in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries and the creation of Caribbean diaporas. It seeks to understand the ways in which the concept of "home" has been defined and deployed by these diasporic communities.

R. Latham

Department of Political Science & Director, York University Centre for International & Security Studies
Canadian society is too complex to be captured by categories of culture and ethnicity. People live their lives in an overlapping plurality of spaces and subjectivities within and across borders. A powerful first step toward recognizing itself as multiversal would be for Canada to proactively support dual and multiple citizenship.

D. Leyton-Brown

Professor, Department of Political Science & Master, Calumet College

E. McLuhan

Writer & Lecturer

Ratna Omidvar

CEO, Maytree Foundation
Unlike Toronto, which was genuinely a major city before post-World War II immigration, Vaughan has become a substantial city at the same time it has become an amazingly diverse community. ... This paper will explore the future implications of that evolution, how it positions Vaughan (and other parts of the GTA) to play a critical role in how Canada will develop in the 21st century, as we move beyond the global village to cosmopolis

J. O'Neill

Distinguished Research Professor Emeritus, Department of Sociology, York University
... The surplus value in the civic gift derives from an economy of collective ability and assurances rather than individual need. In a secular society what is sacred is our gift to ourselves as one another, our neighbours regarded as bearers of inalienable civic rights and duties.

N. Osutei

Project Manager, Toronto City Summit Alliance
How can ... notions of sharing and preserving culture, as suggested by Canada's multiculturalism policies, be reconciled? ... highlighting Toronto-based exemplars of this phenomenon, an argument is made for the disengagement of essentialist modes of culture, particularly those which construe skin as a determinant of cultural membership or ownership.

V. Patroni

Department of Social Science & Director - RedLEIDH, York University
Argentina only recently enacted a new immigration law ... [if this] legislation represents a considerable step away from the previously existing discriminatory legal provisions, the capacity of migrants to exercise these rights still has to be realized.

Bruce W. Powe

Department of English, York University
In visionary cities utopias and dystopias intersect, and collide. But the long tradition of the visionary city tells us of longing, aspiration, the search for company and solace, and the need for inspiration and transcendence. ...

F. Quadir

Department of Social Science & Graduate Program Director in Development Studies, York University
... an intriguing analysis of how racialized poverty has created political space for visible minorities to search for a religion-based identity that is often in conflict with the values and beliefs of mainstream Canadian society. ... the inability of the prevailing system to integrate the skills of recent migrants from South Asia, especially from Bangladesh, into the Canadian economy has in effect encouraged Bangladeshis to create a political identity based on Islam.

N. Ricci

Author, two-time winner of the Governor General's Award for Fiction
A look at the writer's role in articulating a Canadian reality in which ethnicity no longer serves as a primary or dominant means of constructing identity.

V. Rosa

Graduate Program in Sociology, York University
... Regent Park, located in Toronto ... is the nation's oldest and largest housing project, and is home to 10,000 residents of various racial and ethnic backgrounds. ... This paper will explore the ways in which community consultations are linked to democratic processes, citizenship, and diaspora. ...

G. Smolyansky

History Student, York University
... the new Soviet emigres who arrived in Canada from the USSR in the 1970s and 1980s were seen as a disappointment [... by] Canadian Jews who had 'fought' hard for their release ...

Greg Sorbara

MPP, Vaughan Riding
Over time, individuals from certain immigrant groups have gained election to municipal, regional, provincial and federal office, taking responsibility for the political destinies of those they represent. ... This paper will trace the implications of this phenomenon ... in Vaughan on the evolution of cosmopolis ...

G. Starink-Martha

Radboud University, Nijmegen, The Netherlands
... the experience of citizenship by migrants in the Netherlands through an analysis of Dutch Antillean migrants' performances of cultural identity. ... Dutch Antilleans seem [to be] a step ahead expressing a cosmopolitan identity.

M. Telmissany

Cinema and Arabic Studies, University of Ottawa
... Cinema is playing a tremendously important role in framing and opening the discussion around ... Nomadicism and ... Transnationalism ... New nomadic spaces are produced from the constant movements that give those spaces their peculiar quality.

S. Valiani

Department of Sociology and Anthropology, Carleton University
This paper elaborates the shift in immigration policy which began unfolding in Canada from 2006 ... It is argued that the shift from permanent residency to temporary migration ... is short-sighted and exclusionary, and will not lead to building citizenship in Canada.

D. Winland

Department of Anthropology, York University
Transnational ties typically have been examined through the political and economic influences and involvements of diasporas [ ... the present study] provides insights into the sometimes difficult transformations diasporas experience in reconfiguring citizenship(s), belonging and a sense of place.

Daniele Zanotti

CEO, United Way of York Region
Place, or more specifically neighbourhood, plays a critical role in the community and civic engagement of Canadians. ... this presentation will discuss the evolution of Vaughan from a sleepy suburban community to an urban home with surprising socio-economic and cultural trends in specific neighbourhoods.