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What is the CRWS?

An Organized Research Unit (ORU) of York University, the Centre for Research on Work and Society (CRWS) addresses the many issues facing labour that arise from the current volatile political transformation of the Canadian world of work. In the present climate of rapid restructuring taking place within work and civil society, the CRWS believes that a culture of union - university - community research partnerships needs to be fostered. With this in mind, the CRWS maintains a network of active researchers, drawn from the Canadian labour movement, academia, community groups, and the international labour research community.

The CRWS recently completed the administration of a Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) research initiative entitled, Restructuring Work and Labour in the New Economy (RWL-INE). This project engaged an alliance of academic and trade union partners to survey and report on various aspects of Canadian labour markets and working-life.

News Releases

Occupational Health and Safety Fact Sheet Now Online
The second instalment in the "Know Your Rights" Labour Fact Sheet Series is dedicated to Occupational Health and Safety. Learn more about your right to a safe work environment. Download your copy now.

Upcoming fact sheets will feature information about: Human Rights at Work and Unions.
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Just Labour: A Canadian Journal of Work and Society
Volume 19 - Autumn 2012

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