Luiz Marcio Cysneiros


York University, Toronto - ON - Canada

Faculty of Arts and Professional Studies

School of Information Technology

Associate Professor


Quatic 2021

WER 21






Research Areas

Requirements Engineering


Non-Functional Requirements

Software Transparency


Socially Responsible Software Development


Self-Driving Cars


Requirements Engineering in the Health Care Domain


Business Modeling

Agent-Oriented Software Development

Software Process


Research Projects

These are the projects that I'm currently involved with

Towards the Development of an Exemplar to Evaluate Agent-Oriented Methodologies

A Framework on Non-Functional Requirement "NFR"


Evaluating the Impacts of Key Non-Functional Requirements on Software Transparency


Non-Functional Requirements Driving the Development of Highly Automated Vehicles



v     Non-Functional Requirements: From Elicitation to Conceptual Models presented During the Sixth International Conference on the Unified Modelling Languace. San Francisco October 2003




























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