Canada-Mexico Big Picture Seminar
York University, November 7-8 2005
Conference Program

Panel 1: NAFTA Plus or NAFTA Minus: A dead end or a fresh start?

Bon Anniversaire NAFTA: The elusive and asymmetrical benefits of a decade of North American integration (64K)
by Daniel Drache

A Need for a NAFTA Plus (64K)
by Gustavo Vega-Canovas

Panel 2: Immigration Flows, Human Rights and Political Refugees
Panel 3: The Bush Revolution in Foreign Policy
Panel 4: North American Security Perimeter?
Panel 5: Turbo Capitalism: Winners and Losers?
The Dragon in Aztec Lands (64K)
by Victor Lopez Villafane

Panel 6: Building the Canada-Mexico Relationship: Thinking outside the box