Daniel Drache is Professor of Political Science at York University and Associate Director of the Robarts Centre for Canadian Studies.

Hi, I'm Daniel Drache and welcome to my homepage. Here you will find many useful links to my current research projects, books, articles and conference presentations on global governance, the WTO crisis and the new geography of power with its disorderly voices, contradictory interests and virulent claims.

Here are two recent videos, first by Ghina Al-Djani, Graduate Research Associate of the Centre, "Nationalism, Diaspora and the Palestinian Identity: Home in Alienation" and Daniel Drache and Paul Longhurst, "Global Hunger: Food Insecurity in An Age of Affluence". Have a look-see.

If you haven't had a chance to read our Fall of 2010 issue of Canada Watch, you can find it here. A Remarkable Turning Point: Post-neoliberal Latin America and the Shadow of Obama

In 2011 we have a major look at Harper's Governance Revolution: Pushing Minority Government to the Limit. Access it here.

Against the backdrop of the global final crisis I've just uploaded my newest piece: The Nasty Business of Protectionism: New State Practices at a Time of System Distubance -- The Expectation Global Demand Managment. You can access it here

My newest paper on the deadlock at the Doha Round and as examination of the different options for institutional renewal of decline is now available. Reform at the top: What's next for the WTO? A Second Life?

A second major focus is my ongoing research on the WTO. The chances are slim that the WTO will reach a deal on the Doha Round of trade negotiations. My new paper with Marc Froese entitled Omens and Threats in the Doha Round. It can be accessed here

The Centre of International Governance Innovation (CIGI) website has published a lengthy analysis of mine, Trade, Development and the Doha Round: A Sure Bet or a Train Wreck? It tells a complex story of the strategies and assumptions that are pushing the Doha Round into dangerously troubled waters. It can be accessed here

My new book entitled Defiant Publics: The Unprecedented Reach of the Global Citizen was published by Polity Press in July 2008. The explosive use of Twitter and Facebook in the Arab awakening has confirmed the central analysis of this study. It examines the new power dynamics feeding off distrust and suspicion of governments, and assisted by the new cultural flows of people, ideas and information. The big story of the new millennium is that dissenters, activists and new social movements have begun to rescue the idea of the public from the economic determinism of the Washington Consensus world order. With the catastrophic collapse of the financial capitalism defiant publics and new information technologies are empowering people as never before. You can download the Introduction here, and Chapter 4, Nixers, Fixers, and the Axes of Conformity here.

When I ran my summer institute for Latin American scholars and researchers they wanted a fuller explanation of Canada-US divergence and hence the paper some years later. Still thinking about the paper and any comments will be helpful. The working paper is called, Canada's Resource Curse: Too Much of a Good Thing and can be accessed here.

Continuing the North American Integration and Borders Matter thread, I have a new paper entitled The Co-Management of North America: Canada-US Relations and the Impermeable Border Post 911. It can be accessed here.

Have a look at Updates and News for our digital reports on the global culture of dissent and the impact of social media on social movements and popular culture globally. All eye openers.


A Daniel Drache Welcome

Updated May 2012

Daniel Drache on TVO's "The Agenda with Steve Paikin", May 2012.

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Nationalism, Diaspora, and the Palestinian Identity: "Home" in Alienation Sounds of Blackness: Black Canadian Women Sing and Speak Out


Wilfred Laurier UP 2008 has just published  Big Picture Realities, Canada and Mexico at the Crossroads and you can access the Introduction, Big Picture Realities in a Post-NAFTA Era, as well as the table of contents here.

I have initiated a new working group on Toronto’s public culture and the first excellent report by Jessica Kelly, a member of the group, is on the Royal Ontario Museum’s (ROM) ‘crystal age’ and its attempt to make itself into a modern cultural and social agora. Lots of visuals and a compelling analysis! Check it out here.

I have just published with Marc Froese a fascinating and timely look at the Global Cultural Economy: Power, Citizenship and Dissent. It can be accessed here

Jaigris Hodson and myself have just completed a new iconography of dissent digital report, I Gotta Be Me: Public Reason and the Hardwired Global Citizen. It addresses the way the long cycle of dissent is picking up steam and these discursive engaged in-your-face skeptics and contrarian counterpublics have become a force to be reckoned with. It can be accessed here Others reports include: Che:Modernity’s Rock Star of Dissent, Semiotic Disobedience: Shit-Disturbers in an Age of Image Overload and The Eye-Conics of Inequality. For a listing Go here.