Hemispheric Integration and Social Cohesion Summer Institute

The aim of the annual Institute was to enable participants to acquire an indepth knowledge of hemispheric integration and social inclusion in their areas of expertise.
Scholars were provided with unique opportunities to work with Canadian specialists from governments, media, business, labour and social movements on a range of public policy issues and academic concerns. Participants gained a new understanding of Canada as the 'northern model' for social policy matters. The seminar relied on the participants to be the experts throughout the 10-day programme.

The Summer Institute was supported by the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, the Canadian International Development Agency and the International Development Research Centre.

Summer Institute 2002
July 8 - 18, 2002
The Americas After September 11
Hemispheric Integration and Human Security

Summer Institute 2001
July 9 - 19, 2001
The Americas After the Quebec Summit
Hemispheric Integration and Social Cohesion:
Civil Society and Building the New Agenda

Summer Institute 2000
July 10 - 21, 2000
Building the New Agenda:
Hemispheric Integration and Social Cohesion